CEO Message

CEO Message


To Our Shareholders and Stakeholders

On October 2, 2017 Mustang  announced on behalf of the Board of Directors that subject to an equity raise of $1 million  the Company would consolidate its shares on a 1 for 10 basis.  The consolidation is not something that the board takes lightly - Mustang has been a public company since 1997 and our last capital reorganization was in 1998.  At this time we believe the share consolidation in conjuction with a capital raise will be in the best interest of shareholders. 

We believe that a successful capital raise will help propel the company forward at a time when the market focus on nickel, copper, cobalt and platinum group metals is intensifying. With a restored working capital position the Company will be able to take advantage of growing market interest in our projects as well as other opportunities.  

We thank our shareholders for their continued interest and support. 



Robin Dunbar - President and CEO