CEO Message

CEO Message


To Our Shareholders and Stakeholders

On February 20, 2018 we announced that Mustang has acquired mineral rights covering a number of lithium bearing pegmatites adjacent to our Mayville Property. The acquisition will give the Company exposure to  lithium and rare metals which are key metals in the development of the EV Battery sector.  We are acquiring a significant historical resource of lithium in this transaction.

The Bird River area has  long history of exploration and production of lithium and rare metals notably by Tantalum Mining Company of Canada from whom we acquired the claims. Tanco continues to operate a mine and production facility in the area and produces cesium formate from cesium mined from the Tanco pegmatite - considered a world class LCT ore body.

We believe that the lithium property has the potential to add significant value to our project overall in the area as it has the potential to host high value ore that might be processed in a central processing facility or sold to Tanco ( as they have a right to purchase lithium and rare metal products produced from the claims we acquired ) 

In order to recognize the exposure that Mustang has to all the "battery metals" the Company will hold a sharehlder meeting March 9, 2018 in Toronto to approve a name change to Grid Metals Corp.   We think the move will reflect Mustang's broader commodity exposure and be a positive development for our shareholders. 

We thank our shareholders for their continued interest and support. 


Robin Dunbar - President and CEO